Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moving Like the Wind vs Being a Brick !

I think the real secret and value of truly living freely in Christ and being like the wind is to avoid being like a "brick".  When I say 'be like a brick' I mean avoiding the desire (that is in all of us) to not genuinely move forward in a place of giving and receiving life.  To move forward in the sense of truly investing of ourselves, time, energy, effort, all  in a real relational way with another.  For the intent of only one thing: to simply build relationship.  I mean to not get stuck and remain stuck in "forms" or "ways" of living relationally, or "ways" of giving to others.  It's not about forms.  Form Vs. really digging in and really investing in another's life, one by one by one.  That's truly giving one's life away.  It's not  ever about giving away simulatenously to hundreds  of people.  Not ever.  It's about one by one.    This is what is  genuine and valuable in terms of God's Kingdom.  With no agenda really,  no motive, no ministry statement, other than to simply build and to pursue life with others ! Now that is radical !  With the sole intent that Christ being conveyed, that Christ be formed  through relationship.  In a simple way.  In the heart and centre of  relationship.  

How this is achieved, it can be costly and not all will value this, nor entertain it.  Do I truly want to give of myself this way and be like the wind blowing where it will?  There is an uncertainty in it and a vulnerability also. Always it  is costly to lay down forms and methods  to acknowledge our dependence on them as an impediment to what Christ would want or be directing for us.  It is costly to evaluate where we are all at in that.  It is painful to yield to Christ in this area and to deny ourselves of  structure in our lives that hinders us relationally, particularly if it's all we know and have ever known, and particularily if the form required enormous time, effort and energy.  Sometimes people give their whole life to forms but fail on the simple aspect of being completely vulnerable to another and open to being relational in a meaningful way to another.  It's hard to lay down what we feel we are pursuing and what we are believing to be life giving, whatever it may be,  and  acknowledge that it is truly impeding us in this area. 

We all need to admit where we are lacking in these areas if we want to continue to truly grow. Otherwise we will just continue to become entrenched in the forms that are present in  our lives and by denying their existence, we just become more and more religious and defensive of anything that seeks to disturb or disrupt that form in our life.

It takes time and courage  to really step back and evaluate if what we are giving is indeed of ourselves, or are we yet  building and maintaining a deepening structure as a reliance.  If true relationship with another is  our one goal,  above all others,  then we are going to often be giving ourselves away to someone else, in the hope that other's will come to value and realize  Christ in a way that is liberating.  We face being rejected and deeply misunderstood in this place. Especially if others are not really wanting relationship but form and structure instead.  They may start out on this journey but somewhere along the line we all get stuck and we all might want to pull back or even go back to being a brick.  Especially when we begin to tread on ground that we don't necessarily  want to acknowledge our failures in all of that.  So we need to be aware of that for each other and even sensitive to that.

Dependance on structure, form, doctrines, whatever; in the end means not nuturing the skills necessary in our lives to be relational with another.  Many of us for whatever reason prefer not to become vulnerable with another and not to get past the barriers - to truly become of one heart and of one mind.  Of ourse we need to be one with Christ in this way before we can ever hope to build that with another in His Kingdom.

Let's forsake all the impediments of religion and busyness in all our everyday lives to truly invest and truly build in another.  Let's be like the wind and not a brick !

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