Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Holy Hand Grenades

This is really worth listening to, folks ! It's called the Doctrine Police.


Some good points, such as the following:

-we are always wrong , and the doctrine police are sent to correct you!

-trying to defend yourself just gives them the necessary ammunition they need to continue to be the doctrine police!

-we have no control over how exactly we are going to be heard or interpreted

- doctrine police accept a view of God that is devoid and very different from the one Jesus showed us of gentleness, love, humility and brokenness

-what they do to people in actuality (tho maybe they are right on a theological level and will tell u over and over how right they are and how wrong u are) they are very hurtful and devastating to those who are broken and heavy laden with their sin, this because they are unable to express the love, compassion and kindness of God

- when there is that sense of attack coming from the doctrine police, what they really need to do is look around them and see if there is actually even any sheep at all gathered around them (lol)

-what they really want is an audience to convince them over and over how great they are and how wrong we are lol. (it's called having an agenda so they can win the argument)

-loving someone is living and speaking the truth without trying to convince anyone ( ie manipulating someone) this should all be done in the context of love and tenderness without provoking one's defensiveness

- I agree with him when he says the "need" to convince is one of the greatest deterrent to spreading the life and love of Jesus in the world ....


:-) Love in His heart


Rich said...


Yes this was a great pod cast for sure.
Knowing the scriptures is no given that they know the Word is it? As Jesus pointed out to those in Jn.5:39 so clearly.

I loved this from Austin Sparks touching on similar thoughts.

"It will be seen that it is not a matter of substituting another and better system for an old and poor or bad one. Some people seem to think that it is all or largely a matter of the order, technique, and form, and if we returned to the 'New Testament' form or order of churches all would be well. The fact is that, while certain things characterized the New Testament churches, the New Testament does not give us a complete pattern according to which churches are to be set up or formed! There is no blue-print for churches in the New Testament, and to try to form New Testament churches is only to create another system which may be as legal, sectarian and dead as others. Churches, like the Church, are organisms which spring out of life, which life itself springs out of the Cross of Christ wrought into the very being of believers. Unless believers are crucified people, there can be no true expression of the Church."

Ruth Lang said...

oh that was good, ty Rich,
churches are like organisms springing forth life .. wow ... seems like he is saying that the blueprint for the church then is to be a life giving organism ? makes me think of the wonder of a "cell" , a simple cell is a powerhouse , can u imagine ! Lets offer life, hope and kindness to another. Imagine Austin Sparks saying that we don't need a blueprint . . LOL i imagine that a few would read that and say "huh?" "no blueprint ?" and then they would pull out there scriptures and say, "we should do this and that , and then this and that" ... anyhow , take care