Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Could a subtle definition of 'being religious' simply involve being overly concerned or preoccupied with getting others to 'see' what we 'see', or 'hear' what we 'hear'? I wonder about that.

Eventually given enough energy and stick-to-it-ive-ness, we will succeed in what we are doing, we will convince some, meaning we will get another denomination, another way of thinking, a following, mutual like mindedness.

However, isn't the root of this preoccupation really pride? Since I am right, therefore I must convince others.

Or does the root go deeper? Perhaps the really ugliness involves insecurity. Meaning that through the act of convincing of others, again and again, what we hope to receive back, is that we are the ones receiving the payback. We are reminding ourselves over and over how right we are. ( Addictive, eh. Doesn't it feel good to be right ? )

Unfortunately not only is that cycle often unbroken, but we are failing in the very basic & simple art of communication. Which is above all, to listen. How can we truly listen and consider another if we have an agenda, which is above all, that we insist on being heard?

Listening is really simply being content on the inside and secure, it just shows up so beautifully - on the outside! It's thinking of someone else and not yourself. It's love, it's caring, it's kindness, but somehow, through God's grace, all these things start showing up on the outside. God's way always seems to be so -- beautiful.

If think, if we are truly convinced within ourselves of who we are, that we are loved, and valuable and worthy in the eyes of our Father. We don't go down that road of being high minded without coming to the realization that we have gotten way off track. WE are truly secure and confident within: meaning that we trust Father and trust He is Lord. He will do the convincing in each and all of us, of course, beginning within ourselves. It will work itself truly from the inside out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off Track

When we are sidetracked or deceived, ie off track, we can be turned back to Christ. How many times do u and do I need to come back to Christ! Thank God for His grace and mercy and thank God for His burden for us to come back to Him when we are way off track. So often we do not even know where it is that we truly have ended up.

Paul expected that Christ would be formed in the Galatians even though they had gotten off track.

"My little children, of whom I travail in birth
again until Christ be formed in you"

Christ needs to be our focus and it is possible once you receive Christ to get off track, off relationship of our merging and focus with Him - One with Him. Thank God our Spirit does cry Abba Father and does cry and intercede with the Father on our behalf.

Have you been off track ? Are you off track today perhaps? I have definitely been off track that's why I find the book of Galatians so encouraging. Paul's certainty as he tells us it is no longer I who live, but Christ that lives in us. That cuts through to the very heart and truth of our being in Christ. Paul also tells us to reckon ourselves dead to sin and to be living unto God in Christ. He died for us and Paul is just telling us to call upon Christ , Christ lives in us. Coming back on track is to focus in on the certainty of Christ being alive and living in us.