Friday, March 19, 2010


Pain is not only a good thing, but it is allowed for the purpose of moving us closer to God.

Refusing to allow pain to be worked out in our hearts will not only hinder our own relationship with God, but the building of relationships with others. Whether it be our own pain, or the gentle exposure of pain in others, if we quarantine it off and deny it's existence - perhaps because of the effect it's had on our self worth - we miss out on what God really wants to do with us and for us.

I just finished listening to the latest podcast entitled "PAIN" (here) and it really is something to think long and hard on.

The truth is we often do the exact opposite of what pain is truly intended to bring about in us: and even with others. We tend to isolate the pain, pretend it doesn't exist, or even close ourselves (and others) off from the suffering of another saint for fear of what it would expose or even bring to the surface in our own hearts.

I agree with their analysis that the end result of undealt with painful issues not only hinders our building relationship with others - but it answers many questions I have had recently on the sad outcome of relationships with others. Exposing pain or painful areas in others (even if it is unintentional on our part) is not welcomed and is actually the beginning of the demise of a relationship which could have been very productive and fruitful for God's Kingdom.

WE all as Christians need to get real, honest & true about these things if we ever want any hope at all of truly being Vibrant Truth-Bearers to this world, ie bearers of the flame of Jesus Christ.