Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shining Stars

Many Christians are shocked and saddened by the collapse of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland “revival.” Saddened we should be. Whenever God is misrepresented by those purported to be his servants, and respected leaders are clueless as to the character of those they endorse, any true follower of Christ is saddened and sickened. When so many people are tricked by showmanship and hype and tag exaggerated claims of signs and wonders as revival, it is reason to be alarmed and grieved. But we shouldn’t be surprised if we compare the teaching and examples set forth in scripture to the doctrine and antics promoted by those claiming a special anointing.


God is getting the glory, for the everyday miraculous and ordinary in our lives. Life is miraculous. Day after day life. It is supernatural. The Father has bestowed upon mankind His Son, the life of His Son given for us. We can run to Him, full force right into His arms. We should always. When this is difficult to do, as sometimes it is, when words, prayers and everything seems to fail us, how wonderful to be cared for, under the constant love concern and attention of the Father. He shows up in marvelous ways. He is never far away. It is hard to grasp the concept that He is as close as He truly is. Particularly when we have had examples set forth in our lives of others uninterested and not concerned at all. That is definitely a weight that we need to throw off for it does beset us and makes it very wearing and difficult to run the race. The race of following after and pursuing the kind of love the Father has given us.

His Love delivers out of darkness.
His love delivers out of anger.
His love definitely is the most powerful substance on known to mankind.
His love comfort us.

Love, His love, wins.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Letting Love Win

Letting Love Win

Christ kept looking to the Father and He kept choosing the Love that He shared and gave to the Father, as His constant motivation to endure what He endured.

When I thought of this today, I was thanking the Father for the Son, the wonderful love of our Saviour, who was able to give everything because He continued to love. It was His love that overcame what He endured for you & I. His love for you, His love for me, His love for all. I know we have all heard this repeatedly but I doubt that I have understood how deep His love truly is.

But within our hearts, Christ lives, Christ lives, not as a doctrine or theology, but as a person, as a person He lives in us. I am coming to understand this more and more, that it is the person of Christ that lives in me. Because of this, I too can overcome my circumstances in the same way. And let Love Win!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the Galatians 6:7 Bomb

Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Do you think that within the heart and context of Galatians 6 is this biggie, this BIG BOMB if you will, that can be thrown out there as necessary, to scare people and intimidate them forcefully as to what is necessary into being spiritually coerced people? Like you can just pull this bomb out of the heart of the New Testament and use it as you see fit? Are we under the law? Wasn't that the whole point of Paul's Letter to the Galatians that we aren't under the law? Paul had alot to say to the religious minded folks in this letter it seems.

I have always loved Galatians. Such a wonder and a joy to read of the freedom that Christ has given us over the works and wiles of the devil and our flesh, particularly in regards to religion and being religiously minded.

Paul saw being religiously minded as being zealous of traditions only and as totally after man (sowing to their flesh). This is what he meant when he went on to say things such as "If a man thinks himself to be something (religious minded) he is nothing" This was in reference to the arrogance and pride that filled religious zealous people. He said that religion would through the outworking of the flesh lust against the Spirit of God.

Yes Paul talks of other works of the flesh, but he makes a point doesn't he of saying "I told you before that these are obviously works of the flesh, and those who practise this shall not enter the kingdom of God." So please don't mistake what I am saying here. Paul is saying listen carefully! Concerning life in the Spirit - the main thing you need to be aware of - is that religion will find an avenue through the flesh and will lust against the Spirit. The other works of the flesh are manifest i.e. more obvious, but this one is not! So be aware of this! Paul was saying that religion isn't quite as obvious as the sins of the flesh,that he had already mentioned before. He said that we would not be weary in well doing to others - if fact we would, in the Spirit, want to do good unto all men. Sowing in this way will bring 'life everlasting'. Please understand this, Paul is saying, because if you continue to embrace your religion in FAVOR of the true generosity and love and heart of God towards others, then, yes, sadly, you will be deceived and you will be mocking God ....

They probably threw scriptures / commands and laws around to coerce people, right? . To me the real context and heart of Galatians, as I am trying to summarize here, particularly in Gal. 6:7, is not to coerce but is to say more correctly perhaps, "hey if you sow to your religion, your religious mindedness, you will not be considering the very heart of God which is to GENTLY restore someone. Religion would offer a restoration process anything other than gentle, which is why Paul had to say things such as "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

It seems the Spirit of God gives us joy - deep joy - when we know that we are no longer bound by legalism. It's no wonder Paul always said to the brethren "Grace be to you and peace from God our Father" .. "I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him that called you unto the grace of Christ" ..