Monday, September 21, 2009

He Alone is Extra-Ordinary

Deep within us all, what we truly long for in life is to see the beauty of Christ -unfolded in others . His beauty is most evident in people, ordinary everyday people. Do you agree? He gave us a message of love and endearment towards the lonely, the outcast, the broken & the weary. He's not changed His mind on this. It's where Christ's heart truly is. He is most evident in the ordinary. He alone is extra-ordinarily revealed in the ordinary broken processes and wounds of lives.

It's so refreshing to break through our preconceived ideas / prejudices about others, even about God and what His plans might or might not even be. Break through our own ideologies and beliefs about what this means, this man called CHRIST JESUS living out His life on this earth. Often it seems we get stuck , stuck on what we believe / stuck on what we prefer or have been led to believe -when all along God's primary interest seems to be in you and I, the everyday people ; getting us on the same page as him, thinking like he thinks, seeing what he sees everyday. Instead of our prayers and thinking always centering around , Lord bless this , Lord fix this or do that, turning that around in the right direction and asking the Lord to simply fulfill the desires of His heart through me and change me, and simply reach out to those around me everyday. God is patient with us as He seeks to get us from being primarily centered upon ourselves ie of trying to get Him to go where we want to go, to thinking in terms of where He's invited us to come to, and where He already is