Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"Marvel not that I have said that ye must be born anew"

"Of the flesh, nothing that is spiritual can be produced"

"Spiritual life shall bring forth that which is spiritual, and likewise carnal flesh shall bring forth only more carnality"  which is an  "expression of self-righteousness and indifference to the claim of God upon my heart"

Well this is profound.  To get to the place where you realize that spiritual life is not a product of religious duties, efforts and strivings.  How can we say we are born anew by His Spirit if we still insist on striving for spiritual life?  To produce it ... it is not possible.  Life only comes from Him ... simple yet profound.

Have you ever tried to courageously challenge religious minded people that they are not capable of producing spiritual life , not in themselves, .. but God forbid, to self righteously  demand it in another?

People become very irate at the suggestion that they are not capable of achieving higher and higher levels of spiritual life ... When we know Christ, and long for Him, we actually decrease in our pursuit of strivings and efforts to produce spiritual life , Do you realize that  bible colleges and theological institutions do not guarantee spiritual life , they seem to offer it to many, but do not deliver because they cannot impart spiritual life  ....   Spiritual life is simply a matter of the heart!  Not degrees !  Why is this so difficult to grasp to so many ?  What liberty in Christ,  to acknowledge that there is only One Source of Life and Life more abundantly.., Jesus is capable of imparting spiritual life to a hungry heart.  Thank God for that ! He is the One who gives Life, to a willing, opened and often vulnerable needy heart.      

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