Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"My child, hear My voice, and give no heed to the voice of the stranger." "I am guiding thee. Ye need not look to man for direction. Ye may learn much by fellowship with the saints, but never allow any to take the part that is rightfully Mine - to direct thy steps. " "Rest in Me, I shall bring to pass My perfect will in thy life as ye believe and live in faith."

Pretty straight forward today ! Thank you Lord that you are encouraging us that we can hear your voice and recognize your voice speaking to us as we trust you and learn to lean on you.

Thank you for your guidance and perfect will for our lives !

I have found that if we are unsure of His voice or what He is speaking to us, one very helpful directive is to silence alot of the many voices that would try to speak into our lives. Often one of the problems why people cannot discern the Lord's voice is because we are simply so busy listening to other voices, which includes letting other people have that liberty of speaking to us, 'in the name of God'. Sometimes people just take that liberty too, .. you know, to speak for God. Like God always needs their help or something :-) They assume they have our permission, without asking of course, to speak into our lives - an attitude within them that they know God's will and direction for us, and are going to take that position of letting us know pretty darn quickly what it is. Yes, it could be true, ... perhaps they know certain things that we don't yet know, about ourselves or our situation, ..*sigh religious people* .. more often, when we discern or know something significant concerning someone else, .. could what is needed and wanted by the Spirit be to simply pray for that person ?? (which requires self control and the fruit of the Spirit) rather than just taking that liberty to do it for God, and speak to them and "tell" them what we know to be best for them. Yuck. In other words, for all of us, ... be careful to stay in the Spirit. Trust Him to speak and reveal Himself as only He can - to others, as well as to ourselves.

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