Sunday, November 18, 2007


"I would speak to thee .... I have an urgent message to speak to thee ... Go not about to establish thine own designs .... I already set in motion my divine will and purpose & I would not have thee interfere "
"Resign all into my hands .. thy loved ones as well as thing OWN SELF"
"Concern thy self first and foremost with spiritual value"

When we have that revelation, we come to realize that it is more important to hear what He has to say than what we have to say. Listening is so important! He already knows our spiritual condition and our neediness. Sometimes it is hard to be honest not only with ourselves, but most importantly with Him, and this because we often find ourselves in a very weakened and broken condition. The organized churchianity has led many to believe the opposite, .. that it isn't always necessary to be vulnerable & honest before God. Maybe it's ok to a certain point, but their thinking is often if we can get everyone busy, things will look after themselves. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The Spirit of God is always searching hearts for truth and vulnerability. Many are led to believe vulnerablity and yielding to the Spirit isn't really necessary, especially if it makes the ones in charge uncomfortable! Therefore rather than risk losing control and allowing this to happen in the hearts of people, avoidance usually comes along, in the form of busy-ness, works, programs, traditions, routines; perhaps we can avoid being vulnverable by hiding behind our fine Sunday clothing; our good appearances; either way, the result is that we avoid "resigning" ourselves to his Spirit's desire and work in our hearts ...
Isn't it wonderful to truly be free, free to be quiet before Him~ ! This knowledge is too wonderful for us! We can be free - and fully resign ourselves to Him, ..completely ~ He is Eternally perfect; His will and His desire for all, for whosoever will, is that we would be free of our human efforts and strivings and instead be courageous and opened up to be honest, vulnerable, yield, surrender to Him. He knows beyond what we think we often know and understand, especially when it comes to what we think we know about ourselves! He alone is God and He is the Way Truth and the Life. He has created us and knows us intimately .. He has framed this whole universe & set it in motion, everything in it ! "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." The word framed means made complete, in other words I understand this to mean, history was determined and even made complete - before the beginning ! What an awesome Father we have ! Truly we can surrender all to Him!

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