Monday, November 19, 2007

Faith and Action

Oh this day was good !
"In thy daily walk, you shall only be victorious only to the degree you trust me"
Trusting in Him ... how do we do that, or should I say, is this something we do, is it simply a decision we make?  Trust is something that is worked out in our hearts through safe relationship.  And the only way to measure it is simply through relationship .

"Overburdened as the world is with trouble, I need those who have proved My sufficiency in everyday, personal experience to lead the suffering to the fountains of life." 

Oh what an amazing goal, simple yet profound ... !!  How that moves my heart ... !!   This is why I love reading Oswald Chambers Daily Devotional - he points out over and over that it's about our day to day manifestation of Christ-likeness, in ordinary day to day circumstances.  The profound message of the transforming grace of God has got be evidenced in  EVERYDAY ROUTINE LIFE. ie showing the supernatural in just the plain and ordinary.  How awesome is that?  The world is weary of the spectacular, of  the glitter and fame, of the fake and surreal.  What the troubled world and the suffering world would like to see, and hopefully be moved by  is the fountain of life existing in an ordinary everyday guy or gal....whose just out there, you know, out and about, just ordinary. 

"Do not judge a man by what he appears to be, but see him as what he can be if he give himself unreservedly to Me."  Things are never what we assume, are they?  especially in  the spiritual sense.  We need to see with His eyes and His heart, past our assumptions.  To be inspired by His Holy Spirit, that the vessels He chooses and desires are simply for his Honor and Glory!  He decides who, when, how, why, where ... it's simply all about Him!

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