Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Need for Greater Faith

" ... do not expect thy trials to be lighter than in the past ... "
".... why should you think the testings would be less severe ...."
"I prove all things, and there are areas of thy heart that I have not touched as yet"

God's whole purpose is to unveil the depth of love and the intimacy that He wants us to share with Him. He wants sons and daughters that He can fellowship with, into all eternity. The whole goal and what He is after, is that we might lean on Him, thru our trials, and thru all things that come our way; even as Jacob ended up with a limp, and his posture was forever changed as a result of his wrestling with God, ... with us that our posture would be changed in a spiritual sense. When trials come - that we would develop a deepened dependence on Him (a limp) and this more than we have ever known.
This seems to be what He is
always after, a heart that only looks at him. And as we look at Him, we continually are changed more and more into His likeness. This seems to me to be wisdom that comes from above, that is pure ..

"This goal transcends every other aim, and any other good that comes out of a pressure period is an added blessing in excess"
"Seek me above all else". ...

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