Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Waiting Room

Just wanted to update you here (on my right arm).

I had a neurologist appointment yesterday and he concluded that the nerve conduction and muscular strength in my right arm was fine. My nerve conduction tests on my forearm were just slightly below normal. He said I am in great health. So I am rejoicing in that this morning, that he found nothing neurologically wrong. I have some other upcoming tests, including an MRI scheudled for late January.

The highlight though was being in the waiting room. I just have to tell you about these two little kidd'os. I had the joy of watching a little girl (3) and her brother (5) frolicking and playing under the waiting room table. They found such fun, hiding under there, and flipping and flopping around with their legs around each other, and giggling in their silly craziness. They were the absolute cutest. I am smiling here just thinking of those two and their antics under that table. They eagerly talked with me about how old they were - and wanted to tell me if they could read yet (as I was trying to read a magazine but I easily gave that up) wanting instead to enjoy them - how many books they had at home - when their birthdays were - they just loved to play together, and have fun with each other. Their laughter together was so beautiful. The little girl said a bad word so the big brother replies to tell her 'that's a bad word'. Then he tells her , 'Your getting on my nerves' (but he says it in a darn cute big brother way) to the which she replies, 'what is nerves?" He gives her this long detailed explanation of what 'nerves' are as only a five year old can do. LOL!

Every once in a while their grandma had to tell them, 'Shhh there's sick people in here'. Everyone walking by the room just had to stop at the door and talk to these two cuties, who would tell the stoppers by as they were leaving - "Merry Christmas". LOL! It was such a joy, I would have loved to stay there for many hours and watch these two, because just being there, their joy and happiness was so contagious to my own heart.

I am sure that is how Father looks down on us. He wants us to be joyful and happy and to just enjoy life. He's in control. It's ok to crawl on the floor under the table LOL. Sometimes we so easily lose sight (don't we) of how great a wonder was in the Father's heart for us, and (still is), and that His love has rescued us from everything. His love should truly release us completely from all our worries and concerns. So that we can truly be genuine, sincere people, just like these two little one's were. So we can extend from within our hearts, to others, love, and joy just as these two little ones did to me!


Rich said...


I loved this, anything it seems having to do with "child-likeness" is near and dear to my heart, as I sense that reality becoming such the norm within my own heart and attitude toward my Father!

I could so easily enter into this vivid and animated story you shared here, thanks for being You!

Ruth said...

Hey Rich,

I am so glad Rich, that you were able to get a glimpse of this, that you were able to catch the joy that I felt and still do thinking about those cuties. wigglin under that table with their snow boots still on, kicking their legs up in the air, tangled around each other, or pushed up against the table. so cute



Maureen said...

Ruth I was smiling as I read this. I have had similar experiences in waiting rooms, etc. Nothing like the pure, unashamed joy of childhood. You are right, our Father wants us to be that free in our joy, the joy we have in being His children.

Ruth said...

Hey Maureen,
Thanks for your comments.
May we enjoy Him too in childlike ways as these two did. I know I need to come to understand this more and more. xo