Sunday, April 12, 2009

J E S U S , the Most Unique Man Ever in All of History !!

How is it that  a Wonderful Man called Jesus can have such an impact upon your heart, upon my heart, in fact on  all of humanity and throughout all the ages ?  What an incredible God! He is!    But how is it that This man can have such an impact on us, yet  in the natural did not have a lot going for Him?  For example, He didn't  have a house, He had no money, He was not honored by any people around him, rather they rejected Him and walked away from Him most times, neither did He have a  great job,  most people didn't like what He said really, and His trial to convict Him was illegal,  last, He was crucified on a hill in Golgotha overlooking a garbage dump, and there He was taken to die for you and me.

How is it that despite this, He can and still have such an impact on my life and the life of others? ? ?


The life He lived was and is so powerful because of the resurrection.  This is the life that He died to give us.  Because He conquered death we now have hope in Him.  BECAUSE He conquered death hell and the grave, and destroyed the powers of this world, He now lives in us.  

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