Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Lately, Father is constantly at work in me, creating within me needs through situations which I find myself in - where He is the answer; where I need Him to help me get His perspective of simple faith and peaceful trust in Him. He has the answer, the only answer, because He is the answer. He is always the answer.

Often it seems it's things going on with the children. God is so faithful. Now what is happening is I have noticed a sudden loss of strength in my right arm. Though I am still fine and capable to use my arm, I have significant loss in my arm when I lift anything heavy & there is pain associated with the movement. It has been investigated preliminarily and the only negative result found was a low potassium blood level. I would appreciate your prayers for me ! I have another doctor visit scheduled this Monday. It seems the last few months have been one consecutive trial after another - one is resolved, then quickly another appears. I am sure you can relate. Still in all I am very thankful for so much and trust God will continue to keep my heart where it needs to be.

When I think back to the last few weeks, and what He has been doing is allowing circumstances and situations in my life, that, though they trouble me and are definitely trials for me, I am truly convinced that they are there for the purpose of God getting me closer to Him; (as I said in the previous post of Wanting More) and deeply aware of His divine presence / love over all my life.

When I am in a trial and struggling, it brings me peace knowing that God is in control. It seems ironic that we mankind, can actually think we are in control, but we do. We all do. Realizing I am not or never have been in control always stretches me and causes me to just release to Him the factors in my life that really, when I have His perspective, I do not have control over anyway.

Though this seems simple to grasp in our minds, in reality it is a struggle in our hearts & in our relationships because of human nature. Unfortunately religious practices have definitely reinforced the idea that humanity can maintain control over our lives in respect to God.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. My friend, please know that I will be praying for the healing and pain of your right arm.

I'm touched that you are seeing this trial through a lens of knowing Papa Son Holy Spirit are drawing you near them, and you are approaching this with a sense of peace amid what is going on, yet remaining honest, real and authentic with Him in your circumstances.

Many good wishes and blessings to you.

~Amy :)

Maureen said...

Ruth, your transparent trust in your Father is glorifying to Him. See? Already the trials bear fruit.

Praying for you,
Maureen XO

Ruth said...

Thanks Amy & Maureen,
for your prayers & love.