Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heart Tugs (soften our hearts O Lord)

I am reminded today with joy,  of the many promises we are partakers of, through Jesus, directly through our relationship with Him.  WE are given joy and  specifically, we are given the opportunity today and everyday, as we hear His voice, to soften our hearts.  People who are lost and those who do not know Him, and know the Light that is  shining all around them of Christ and His love for them,... they may not hear His voice today, they may not have that opportunity that you and I have been given, to soften our hearts toward Him.

Be grateful and rejoice that you & I have had, and continue in Him to have, the opportunity each day to awaken, and to feel the tug of His Spirit in our hearts, and have songs  and joyfulness within our hearts.  The reason for that tug is to soften our hearts.  Think of what it means if you were to lose that every morning.   Think of what it means for others to have never ever known or experienced that.  

The tug at our heart is a sure sign of God's love and of His desire to welcome us into sweet fellowship with Him each and every day. He longs for us.  People who are in the world and caught up in ambitions and deceptions, they do not have that tug at all in their heart.  They may have once had it, but slowly over time, they lose that heart tug, little by little.  

WE need to continually help each other to offer ourselves up to this process daily.  The process of softening our hearts and responding to Him.

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