Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Differences ..vs the Community that the Father and Son Share \o/


I was just thinking this morning how Jesus prayed for the Church, how he prayed that we would be One, as He and the Father are One. I was thinking that this church community, ie the community shared between the Father and the Son, their relationship, was based upon oneness. They had no differences. They had one heart, one purpose, one mind. That is why they could share the depth of love that they shared, and even invite us into as well.

If on the other hand, you look at denominationalism, by it's very nature, they are not One. This is because they do have unmistakeable differences, and they are formed precisely based upon what those differences are. In this way, they are not one, but they are separate and very distinct from each other. This is their true nature.

By contrast, the nature of the Father and Son, and the nature of their relationship, has no differences. They are not separate from each other. The church that Jesus spoke of, in fact, the community that He and the Father shared and would continue to build, would be One just like they were. The Father and the Son had no barriers and differences, and because of this, they lived in true community and true love. Jesus invites us to share in this community with He and the Father.
love ruth

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