Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dealing With Frustration

Today I am feeling really frustrated ! Ever have a day or two like that? Or maybe it's just me . .. . that's ok.

Today is just one of those days that everywhere I look, it seems like I am feeling frustrated at one thing or another. In all likelihood, I am just looking in the wrong direction.

Truly I know He is always leading us beside still waters, and not only that, but He is preparing a table before us - to partake of, one that satisfies us and leaves us fully fulfilled, matter what disappointment strikes up against us. The Lord of All that I love and serve is not moved nor taken off guard by any disappointment. He knows my weakness and has, beyond that, provided the continuing watchfulness of Himself over me and certainly will attend to me, and continue to show Himself strong in weakness, disappointments, failures .

I want to face disappointments (which are only momentary) with a different heart, a heart with an attitude that looks beyond disappointment, and knows that God is shaping me, and wanting to develop perseverance, faithfulness, & child-like trust. To be beyond my weakness,beyond disappointment, to more of His likeness and HIs character. Because I know I am exactly One with Him by His Spirit. I am forever loved & cherished by Him. I really want to turn my face towards Him, learn of Him in the midst of disappointments and weaknesses, ... whether they be my own, or someone else's, .. to learn of Him in the midst of all,.. that my Hope is firmly set upon Him. That I will gain Christ more, with all joy, as He wants to be known and revealed - a witness of how He cherishes us in our weakness, in our brokneness, and this, even moreso when we are disappointed and heavy burdened. ... when we feel we have fallen, slipped up a bit. ... I want to thank God for disappointments and failures, thank Him because this is always an opportunity for our hearts to rejoice firmly in Him. That I may know Him more, know His comfort, and likewise, comfort others and establish them in His faithfulness & goodness; no matter what twists and turns sneak up on us. Being ever watchful, eyes on Him, a brighter reflection of hope and understanding to someone else along the course of life.

He is One, the Only One, who doesn't disappoint. In fact He is the One who rather lifts us up in His everlasting arms, and helps us center on Him, bringing Himself into focus. How lovely He is! All else fades, disappointments and all, because these are temporal (fading) but He is the Light of the World, the pure Light that shines into every dark place, scattering the darkness and bringing peace!

Knowing Him means to me that we are never arrived, our destination is always HIm, learning of Him in the midst of our frailties, .. that we might overcome by Him. It's a continual exchange of His Life for our brokenness. It's His continuing faithfulness, gentle care and concern that makes my heart want to beat, to praise Him and whisper His name ..

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